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Bengal Tiger Mufti

Golden Mile - Spring 2018 - posted 29th Mar

Bengal Tigers won the right for a Mufti day this term, for being the class with the highest amount of miles ran through the termly Golden Mile challenge. They managed an incredible 99 miles over a 5 week period, narrowly beating Year 3's Green Turtles who also managed an amazing 96 miles - Outstanding for those with such little legs!!

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Sport Relief Day - posted 29th Mar

The week beginning the 23rd March saw Talavera begin their challenge to raise awareness and money for sport relief. Each day, every class took part in a different sporting activity. Not only did it make us more aware of other countries who need support, we were able to improve our fitness and have fun whilst helping others. We skipped, danced, hula-hooped and ran our way through the week to support sport relief. It all ended on the Friday with a fitness course ran by Mr Rendle and Miss Dobbs for both the infants and the juniors. We endured three minutes of exercises per activity whilst dressed in our favourite sports gear. A great week of fun, fitness and raising money!

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Yr4 Brass Concert

Year 4 Brass Concert - posted 26th Mar

Over the last half term, Year 4 have been working hard to learn how to play a range of brass Instruments. Today the children performed to the parents and did an absolutely amazing job. All the teacher's were incredibly impressed and proud with how beautifully the children played. A big thank you to all the parents who also came and helped us to celebrate their children's achievement.

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Hockey Festival at Hart Leisure Centre - posted 22nd Mar

Today, 15 children attended a hockey festival ran by Alex Danson, the Great British hockey captain, to test their skills and learn new techniques. The children were given t-shirts upon arrival and sorted into their activity groups. Throughout the afternoon, they completed 8 different activities which ranged from dribbling, scoring and mini-games to try their techniques and skills. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which saw all the children take part and share a passion for hockey as a sport. Once again, the children showed the utmost respect and displayed themselves and Talavera in the perfect light.

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Yr4 Pass out parade 1

Physical Corps Pass Out Parade - posted 22nd Mar

On 22nd March, Year 4 attended the Physical Corp pass out parade. The children had a fantastic time exploring the museum  before watching the display. During the parade, the children were invited up to give soldier out their certificates and trophies. Following this the children watched a series of great performance which demonstrated the training the recruits undertake as well as some historical pieces which showed how the physical corp used to train.

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Democracy Assembly - posted 20th Mar

Today we had an assembly in which we learned about the British Value of democracy. This strange, long word, which has actually been around for thousands of years, describes our right to be involved in the governing of our country. 

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Maurice Toye memorila

Maurice Toye Memorial Reading - posted 18th Mar

Some of our pupils were invited to give a reading at the unveiling of the new Maurice Toye Memorial, who as you can see by the comment below did themselves and Talavera proud!

"Just a short note to express my thanks to you, your children, and LSA for coming along yesterday and making the event special. We had so many positive comments about including the children into the ceremony,  and how well they performed; they did you, the school, and their parents proud."

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Yr6 Hobgoblin Theatre Production - posted 16th Mar

On Friday 16th March, year 6 had a visit from Hobgoblin Theatre company who performed a WW2 play. The play was about a family who were living in London during the Blitz and whose eldest son, Richard, was fighting away at war. During the performance, the family were all excited for Richard to return home for rest and recuperation. However, unfortunately they received a telegram explaining that Richard had been killed. Although the play had a sad ending, it helped us appreciate our families and the sacrifice that people made for our country.

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