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african drums

Year 4 Music assembly - posted 10th Dec

Today Year 4 performed their first music concert of the year on African percussion. Throughout the term the children had been working extremely hard to learn a range of African percussion through both song and rhythm. Their performance today was exceptional and showed the amazing progress they have made. We would also like to thank all parents that were able to attend the concert. A final reminder that any photos or films taken are for personal use only and should not be shared as this does not support our safeguarding policy. 

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More able comic

More Able Comic Event - posted 20th Nov

More Able Comic Event 
On Wednesday 20th November, 60 high ability writers from across the school participated in a comic creating masterclass led by the inspiring comic writer Kev F, who has worked for the renowned comic publishers Beano and Marvel. Each workshop (both lower school and upper school) began by introducing the children to some of his most famous comic characters before showing the children how to draw their own unique character. Once the children were happy with their designs, he then showed the pupils how to turn their ideas into a comic strip story. Whilst the children were busy working on their comic masterpieces, Kev F cleverly designed the front cover of their comic (which the children named themselves) and produced a unique and individual caricature of each child. Once the children had finalised their comic strips, they were then sent to print and each child was given their own personalised copy to take home! The day was a fantastic success with one child even asking, "What did I do so right to deserve this?" Thank you Kev F for such a spectacular day! We hope to have you back soon in the future! 

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cinema stock

Year 3 Cinema Trip - posted 19th Nov

Year 3 Cinema Trip 
On Tuesday 19th November, year 3 visited Cineworld in Aldershot as part of this year's national Film Festival. With Christmas now only around the corner, we enjoyed a festive showing of the animated movie 'The Grinch' inspired by the Dr Seuss classic. The children thoroughly enjoyed the many laugh-out-loud moments such as the Grinch dancing in his hot pink underpants and the oversized reindeer who had a loving for whipped cream! The children were superbly behaved and a delight to take! We look forward to seeing what next year's Film Festival has to offer. 
Year 3 cinema

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Student council

Student Council Assembly - posted 18th Nov

On Monday 18th November school council did an assembly to teach the rest of the school how we are a democratic school.  The councillors shared what they hope to achieve this year as well as how they would like the rest of the children to contribute.  The assembly allowed the class representatives to introduce themselves so that all pupils know the children who are sharing and discussing their ideas on improving the school.  

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Choir Christmas carols

New News Article - posted 16th Nov

The Talavera Junior School Choir blew the parents and public of Aldershot away on Saturday as they sang their Christmas Carols acapella in the run up to the Aldershot light switch on. The were incredibly nervous before they started but soon warmed up and completed all 5 songs beautifully. We look forward to our next event where the children can show off their talents again. 

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Running order Take 2

A night of 1000 smiles..... take 2! - posted 15th Nov

On Friday 13th November, Ms McDermid, aka Disney, transformed Talavera Junior School into a funhouse with complete madness! The children were screaming with delight at the games and then joined in with the party dances, finished off with our favourite .... The baby shark dance!

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butser farm

Year 3 Butser Farm Trip - posted 7th Nov

On Thursday 7th November, year 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm to discover more about their current topic, 'The Stone, Bronze and Iron Age'. The trip began with stories about this prehistoric time period in a replica round house whilst sitting around an open fire. After listening to the fascinating speaker, we were then split into classes and began to participate in a series of activities. Throughout the course of the morning, each class had an opportunity to:
  • Become archaeologists by digging up 'animal bones' and discovering which creature they would have come from 
  • Create their own chalk carving using a piece of flint and a green leaf
  • Create a fence using the technique of wattling that was common during this time period
After all the fun of the morning activities, we were soon ready for lunch which we enjoyed back in the roundhouse with the burning fire to keep us warm! Before departing, all children took part in the final activity which was to make a ring using a piece of wire and pliers. We were all very excited to be able to take these home! 
We all had a wonderful trip and the Butser staff commented on how polite and knowledgeable we all are. One pupil even asked how he could get a job there in the future! 

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Year 6 Cinema

Year 6 go to the cinema! - posted 6th Nov

Year 6 were lucky enough to spend the morning experiencing the magic of cinema thanks to the charity Into Film, who provided us with free tickets to see The Addams Family. The children were shocked by some of the jumpy moments but mostly laughed uproariously at all of the silliness. 

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Fijian Day

Fijian Day at Talavera - posted 18th Oct

Today we were lucky enough to celebrate our Fijian community through a series of dances, songs and (of course) delicious and home-made food. The day started with an assembly which featured a beautiful dance from Torika and Ruthie in year 6 to the gospel song Sa Bale. We were all thrilled when our parent helpers joined in too!

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