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Bronze Silver and Gold Assembly Year 3 and 4 - posted 8th Feb

Thank you very much to to all our parents and carers who attended our Bronze, Silver and Gold Assembly today.  The hall was packed! It is so lovely to see you supporting your children with their academic achievements. Lots of children  achieved 25 team points. Infact, one child even received their gold certificate for 75 team points!

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Year 5 Visit to the infants - posted 8th Feb

On Thursday 8th February year 5 went to visit the infants (reception class), to share their Dinosaur topic work.  We first had the wonderful experience of        ‘We are going on a Dinosaur Hunt’ story – retold with actions! Then we looked at their Dinosaur fact books. Lastly they shared their knowledge of fossils and rocks from the Jurassic period.  Well done reception class and very entertaining visit had by all.

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Year 4 Greek Day - posted 8th Feb

On Thursday 8th February Year 4 had a fantastic day travelling back in time to the Ancient Greek period. The children started their day by creating a truce to enable them to all travel safely to Olympia for the sporting event. In preparation for the games and celebratory feast, the children spent some time making name plaques using the Ancient Greek alphabet, creating wreaths and cooking a range of dishes. After lunch, the children were split into four states Sparta, Athens, Crete and Olympian. The children then took part in a selection of sporting events including javelin, running and long jump. Well done to Athens for winning the Olympic games! However, due to the freezing cold temperatures, we quickly retreated back to the classroom for our lovely Greek feast.

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Spelling Workshops - posted 7th Feb

Last night we held a special Spelling Workshop for parents and children in Year 4 and 5. We shared our approach to spelling as a school and some fun practical activities that can be completed at home to reinforce learning. 

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Egyptian Workshops - posted 7th Feb

 Yesterday, Year 3 had a lot of fun learning about Ancient Egypt.  Firstly, we formed a long line to represent the River Nile, before learning about the different areas in Egypt.  We learnt about the animal gods such as Bastet the cat god and Horus the falcon god.  Using drama, we discovered the various jobs the Ancient Egyptians had – jewellery makers, craftsmen, fishermen and scribes.   One child was lucky enough to become the Pharaoh, although they did end up being mummified and found in the pyramid by Howard Carter.  The most disgusting fact of the day was that they used a hook to remove the brain through the nose!

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First Aid Training Year 4 - posted 31st Jan

 On the 31st of January year 4 took part in morning of emergency first aid. Tercel Medical Group taught the children a range of skills, including CPR, how to put someone into the recovery position and how to apply bandages and slings.

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Air pollution at Talavera - posted 30th Jan

Today saw the start of a new job role within Talavera. Twelve children have been specially chosen to represent their class and help to improve the air quality in and around our school. Today the children met with Jean from the Hampshire Travel Planning Team who taught the new group all about:
  • What air is;
  • Why it is important;
  • What happens if it becomes dirty or polluted;
  • The worst sources of pollution in our towns;
  • What air pollution is made of;
  • How does air pollution affect our health;
  • How we can keep our air clean;
Jean then shared the exciting news that the school were going to be a part of an exciting air quality science project. Two test tubes have been positioned high up (to be out of reach) at the front and rear of the school to collect samples of pollution.
Jean will be back in February to do further work with us and to begin to help up set up our marketing team with initiatives for how to improve the air quality around our school. In the meantime the team are going to lead an assembly to share what they have learnt with the rest of the school.
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