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Harvest Assembly - posted 10th Oct

Today we had our special Harvest assembly. We discussed the importance of sharing with others, particularly those who have less than ourselves. Children were encouraged to bring in a contribution for the local food bank. We collected over 6 boxes full of food and special treats. These will go to much needed homes over the next week. Thank you for supporting our community.  

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Surrey uni

Surrey University Visit - posted 9th Oct

This afternoon, Surrey University ran a greater depth Science workshop for 30 of our year 6 children. They had a brilliant time exploring different electrical components and created a range of series and parallel circuits  with different materials in the classroom. Using 'Makey Makey' devices, the children created a human piano and connected their circuit together with bananas!  

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Paul lyalls pic for website

Paul Lyall, Poet visits Talavera - posted 4th Oct

On Friday 4th October Year 5 were lucky enough to participate in a poetry workshop with published poet Paul Lyalls. After listening to some of his poetry performances, Paul taught us how to create our own poems from three simple real life starting points. We then extended these ideas to create our own unique poems. Finally we had the opportunity to perform our creations to our peers.
It was a great afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed becoming poets.

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bike to school 2

Bike to school week - posted 27th Sep

It has been fabulous to see how many children have been cycling to school this week. The number increased as the week went on (despite the terrible weather) and the children have shown so much enthusiasm about travelling to school in different ways. We would love to give out more bike permits in the upcoming weeks to further encourage children to get active and reduce pollution in the area.

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Year 6 boosters

Year 6 Boosters! - posted 23rd Sep

Our year 6 boosters have begun! Our children are already hard at work, focusing on their learning and making themselves proud already in the progress that they have made. Please make sure that, if you have been invited to boosters, you are attending. We are having fun and learning all at once!

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Year 4

Year 4 parent drop in - posted 19th Sep

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who were able to join us during our parent drop in sessions. The children showed great pride in being able to show their parents what they had been learning about in the classroom as well as sharing the fantastic learning which has already taken place in their books. In addition to this it was lovely to see so many parents getting involved with helping their children to learn their weekly spellings using the range of techniques the children have been using in class. 

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Robot workshop 2

Year 4 robot workshop - posted 17th Sep

On Tuesday 17th September, year 4 students took part in a robotics workshop led by Tech camp. Throughout the session, children developed their understanding of coding and programming physical outputs. The children worked in pairs to build a robot which contained a microbit computers. They were then tasked with completing a set of challenges which involved coding their robot to move in different directions to achieve a range of goals. The children had a fantastic time alongside developing their understanding of inputs and outputs.
Robot workshop

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NSPCC Assembly - posted 16th Sep

This morning, Talavera Junior has a very special visitor in the form of Mandy Elton who works for the NSPCC and ChildLine. She came to talk to our school about the important work that ChildLine does, giving every child in the country someone to talk to. She shared with us all that it doesn't matter if a problem is big or small - ChildLine has counsellors who are trained to help with every problem. 
As the work that ChildLine does is so important, Talavera have decided to help raise money for them through The Big Workout. During our P.E. lessons next week, we will be carrying out sponsored exercise. Our school council will decide tomorrow afternoon what challenge they want to set our school! 
Remember: if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone, and you can't find a trusted adult or think it's something you want to keep more private, you can call ChildLine on 0800 11 11.

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