Anglo Saxons

Year 5 went back in time today for the launch of this half term's new topic 'Anglo-Saxons.' Led by Mr Kalinski (our very own Time Travelling Teacher) the year 5 children learned a lot about Anglo Saxon life, medicines and customs. A fascinating workshop allowed us to enjoy acting out the terrifying tale of heroic warrior Beowulf, complete with costumes and weaponry! We were able to handle replica artefacts from this important and fascinating time in history, and learned more about how hard life was for these ancient people.
The highlight of the workshop for the children had to be the mock battle. Using the shields that we had made as our half term homework project, we all went outside to the playground to re-enact an Anglo-Saxon battle. Two tribes lined up on opposite sides of the netball courts and waged war! Happily no-one was injured - except the teachers ear drums - so loud were the war cries!
We all agreed that we had enjoyed a wonderful insight into Anglo-Saxon life, and can't wait to put our experience to good use by using it in our topic work.