Art & Craft Club - Red cross pillowcase Project

Our pupils from Art & Craft club took part in the Red Cross Pillowcase project. 

About The Pillowcase Project

The Pillowcase Project is a global education programme supported by the American Red Cross and funded by The Walt Disney Company.

The project helps children aged 7–11 develop understanding, and the skills to cope with and respond to any weather-related emergency they may face. As part of the programme, children decorate an emergency ‘grab bag’ pillowcase with the items they would want to have with them in an emergency and take this home with them to share their learning with their family. This project has strong curriculum links; and many of the skills children learn as part of this project can be transferred to other areas of their learning and their lives; including skills such as: communication, coping and listening, problem solving and creative and critical thinking.

red cross pillowcase 2