Houses of Parliament Visit


On Tuesday, 7th March 2017, 12 children from Year 6 went to the Houses of Parliament. It was a long journey to London and there were lots of people swarming about when we got there.

We all had to stick together in order not to get lost. After a long walk and a few photos, we finally reached our destination.

We got our passes and were checked for anything dangerous but unfortunately Kelvin had to be check several times because of his Hi tech watch!  We were greeted by our school governor, Sam. We went through to the main hall and prepared for our first part of our tour by going to the toilet, since some of us couldn't hold it! Especially Mrs Webb the school Head Teacher.

We were kindly assigned to a young lady who told us so many interesting facts about Parliament and what it was used for in the olden days. We had learned so much that my brain started to whirl. Soon after we had our first tour, Baroness Harding arrived.

I soon felt the presence of Baroness Harding in the room.  We were made aware of forbidden places in the Houses of Parliament.  She generously offered us some snacks because everyone was getting a bit hungry. After, it was great to relax in the lush grass underneath the sun’s hot rays at Victoria Park, regaining the energy that was lost whilst walking around the Parliament.

We went back for lunch in a room reserved for us. It had microphones so we played around with them until lunch was about to begin. Before the Baroness could have her lunch, she had to zip back to the House of Lords to vote on issues related to Brexit.

She came back shortly and we started asking her questions about cyber bullying and the evolution of phones and future phones. She answered all of them and she shared her opinion of what websites and apps could do to prevent cyber bullying and how sites don’t want to admit the truth that people under the restricted age use it.

We had a lovely lunch and it was time to go home. It was a relaxing journey home after such an eventful day.