Maths Competition

On 23rd May, 2 children from year 5 (Savion & Alisha) and 2 children from year 6 (Shyareena & I) went to a maths competition at Tower Hill School. When we came into the office we were offered biscuits and juice, Mr Collins (a teacher who led the maths competition) mixed us up into different teams, and announced that we were going to have a maths treasure hunt. 

The solution to get our treasure was that Mr Collins would give us clues. The clues would have number coordinates that would lead us to specific locations around the school. The rooms would have scan codes, which we scanned using the iPad provided for us. After we scanned the codes a maths equation would appear and we would have to solve the question. Next we would go over to Mr Collins and give the answer to the maths question. If the answer was correct he would give us a piece of a puzzle and after we had all the pieces of the puzzle it would tell us where the treasure was.

Even though some of us came last we all got the treasure!

Written by Selwyn