Netball match – Talavera Vs Newport 23rd March 2017

This was the first netball match of the season for Talavera, a home game and with plenty of practice, the children were raring to go. With a mixture of year 5 and 6 children, Miss Dobbs and Mrs Brown-Reynolds, we were all prepared for an exciting game.

The first half saw Talavera take control of the game securing a 4-0 position. Shots from various children and beautiful defensive play meant that Talavera were looking comfortable.

During the second half, Newport brought their game to life and began to fight back. Trying as hard as possible to fight back, Talavera were trying to maintain their lead. Unfortunately, Newport were just too strong in the second half giving them a 9-6 win over Talavera. All the children played brilliantly and really showed all the Talavera values.