School Council

School Council

It’s the start of a new year and each class has voted for two representatives who they believed would do a fantastic job of representing their voice on the School Council panel.  School council representatives hold the important job of: attending regular meetings; voicing the opinions of each child within their class; raising their views in front of others; making whole-school decisions;  and coming up with creative ideas that will enhance each child’s school experience.

This year, the children representing their year group are as follows:

Year 3: Jack, Elle, Poppy, Finley, Ocean and Saphire

Year 4: Jake, Zack, Jacob, Breanna, Lody and Tamara

Year 5: Hayden, Togus, Maxim, Keria, Lucie and Ella

Year 6: Shyareena, Logan, Dispsan, Fatiha, Katie and Riley

On Tuesday 4th October, School Council had their very first meeting where we discussed the following:

  • How we can make our school a healthier establishment
  • Songs that we can sing in assembly to make it a more enjoyable occasion
  • A key whole-school event that they would like to hold to embrace the talents within our school

Well done also to Riley, Katie and Logan in year 6 who recently met with the school’s governors to update them on school council’s visions for the year.


We look forward to the next meeting and will keep you up-to-date with any important news!