Talavera 20

Children have been rushing to the shelves in the library to collect their books to sign off their Talavera 20 cards. By exploring a range of genres, the children are reading books from a variety of authors and are enjoying delving into many settings with new characters. On Friday 26th May, the top readers of the Talavera 20 list from each class were awarded with a book in assembly. The children were:
Rhoda - Emperor Penguins
Sujjal - Blue Whales
Chloe - Green Turtles
Panash - Indian Elephants
Sabrina - Giant Pandas
Lody - Sea Lions
Kritika - Porpoises
Aisha - Bengal Tigers
Andrew - Mountain Gorillas
Celina - Black Rhinos
Fatiha - Manatees
Priyanka - Snow Leopards
Talavera 20 2