World Book Day

Today children have been celebrating World Book Day. The morning began with an amazing assembly in which Mrs Webb shared a variety of her favourite books with the children. She got some of them to act out the stories with her.
After, the children brought in their favourite books and were given the opportunity to share them with their friends. They all left with a new book recommendation, given by their peers, to read in the future.
Here are a few of their favourites. Maybe you would like to read them too?
Ezekiel Toga-Navila - The BFG by Roald Dahl
The reason I picked the BFG is that it is a book about a friendship between a giant and a little girl. I love the way he uses different made up words and he makes me scared with the gruesome giants which guzzle up the whoopsy-whiffling human beans. It's such a fun story to read.
Maisie-Rae Buxey - Dork Diaries by Rachel Renne Russell
I would recommend this book because at first you would think it is just an ordinary book about the main character (Viki) visiting a school for a few days but there is a twist. She finds out that her arch nemesis MacKensie Holister has moved to the same school just two weeks before. I am recommending this book because it has a surprising twist and things that you think are not going to happen, might just happen...
Amy Gurung - Tom Gates:Genius Ideas L. Pichon
This book is very funny and entertaining. It is about Tom Gates' daily life. He has an enemy named Marcus, an uncle, who thinks he's an expert at everything, who both make Tom angry. He has sports day coming up for which his teacher is training the class. Class 5F lose every single year...will they lose again?