Year 5 Marwell Zoo trip

Marwell Zoo

On the 30th September 2016, Year 5 went to visit Marwell Zoo as part of their rainforest topic. The day began by departing from school in a double decker coach, which in itself was very exciting!
Once we had arrived, we made our way through the entrance to explore the different rainforest creatures. The three classes went their separate ways. One aspect of our day was the workshop ran by the zoo, they had live creatures such as Smithy the snake, who we were able to stroke, as well as items which had been taken off hunters in other countries! As part of our art project, which is 3D perspective drawing, we sketched the tigers and the adorable tiger cubs! However, they were quite popular with the public and at one point, hid high on their platforms. Overall, Year 5 had an amazing and educational experience while visiting Marwell and their understanding of rainforest biome is a lot deeper.