Year 6 Debating Competition

On Thursday 17th November Subrina, Amalie, Riley and Cristiano went to a debating competition with Mrs Geere. For our first activity we were split into groups of 4 and mixed with other schools to get to know each other. Once this activity was done we started the real debate of whether school holiday's should be reduced or not. 

For this activity we were put in two groups of mixed schools. We were given 20 minutes to prepare our speech using research from ipads or paper sheets, then we had to stand up and go against each other.

After that the teachers voted for the winners of the debate, sadly for the "against's" but luckily for the "For's" they won!

As a refreshment we got a cookie to eat on the way back to school.

Thank you for reading our report.  

By Subrina and Cristiano - Year 6 (Manatee class)

Year 6 Debating Team