Year 6 Leavers Party

On the 21st July, we had a year 6 party. Firstly, we split up into three groups. Some of us went to get party things, some stayed and decorated cakes and some went to Tesco for our party food. I went to Tesco; it was very fun picking tasty sweets. My favourite part of the day, though, was the water fight, where we had our own water guns (or cups if we didn't have a gun!). Everyone, including the teachers, joined in. We got soaking wet but it was so much fun getting each other. Then we had our lunch, which included pizza, chicken, chocolate buttons, squash, sugar-free lemonade and cake - the ones we decorated ourselves. After lunch, we played balloon games like over-under.
Emilie Haywood
It was perfect. On Friday 21st July, the year 6 teachers held a party for their students. In the morning, straight after registration, we were split up into three groups. One group went to town with Mrs Harman-Box, the second decorated cakes with Mrs Armit and the final group journeyed to Tesco with Miss Nash. In town, we bought decorations like streamers and banners that were set up at lunch. My favourite part of the day was the water fight when we got each other drenched. Finally, our food came. I was glad because we'd worked up an appetite during the water fight! It was a mix of sweet and savoury foods. We all piled up our plates. Luckily, there was enough food to go around. Phewph! Later we had ice creams and played balloon games. I checked to see if our clothes were dry after earlier - they weren't! We had our leaver assembly and there were a lot of tears, as well as laughter! I can't wait to hear what they do next year!
Ruby Stew
Yr Leavers party 1