Year 6 Perform Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

​Over the last week, Year 6 have been presenting their end of year production to friends, family and children across the Junior and Infant schools.
Before the performance, some children sold Scrumdiddliumptious Wonka Bars to our lucky audience. These bars were made by our students who designed and created a snack that was delicious and which contained some healthier ingredients.
The production itself was outstanding from start to finish and the children's performances received rave reviews. The characters made our audience laugh out loud with their accents, their delivery and their physical comedy. Our chorus received tumultuous applause for their beautiful singing voices. Our lead actors of Emilie Haywood (Charlie Bucket) and Izzy Kamwenje (Willy Wonka) blew it out of the water with their performances.
We want to say a special thank you to our production team. Vini Raisevu led our prop team (Selwyn Rai and Pratik Gurung) and did an admirable job getting a huge number of props on and off stage quickly. Tom Cadman, Sweta Rai and Nischal Gurung had complete charge of the lighting, background and music and did a fantastic job.
An additional important note of gratitude goes to Mrs Gilfoyle who created all of our beautiful and hilarious costumes.
The children are rightfully very proud of themselves for their hard work and commitment to the production. As a school, we thank you all for your support. 
Yr6 Performance 2
Yr6 performance 3