Autumn term so far - posted 30th Oct

Last term year 5 had a fantastic time investigating the rainforest, the animals that live there and what the rainforest biome is like.
They went to Marwell Zoo and found out what type of animals they might encounter and where,  in the rainforest layers, they would live.
Year 5 also investigated different life cycles contrasting and comparing their similarities and differences.
During DT day the created the most amazing and very difficult carousels, thinking carefully about design and purpose.


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Summer term - posted 27th Apr

I cannot believe we are already in the summer term!  This is a very busy part of the year for us, beginning with the exciting topic of Apprentice.  The children are already very excited about making money as well as their products to sell to parents and their peers.  After half term we are learning about the Victorians – how they used to live and how it is different to current times.  We are visiting Kensington Palace to see where Queen Victoria grew up and what her life would have been like, as well as comparing her life to our current monarchy. We will also be looking at the influences the Victorians had on us and our lives today.  

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Year 5 Marwell Zoo

Year 5 So Far ....... - posted 9th Jan

Wow we are already into the second term of the year and we have completed so much already.  From Rainforest to outer space!!  We all enjoyed our trip Marwell zoo to find out all about the layers of the rainforest and the animals and creatures we would encounter there.  The Saxons launch lesson was like stepping back in time due to the fantastic knowledge of resources brought in by Mr Kalinski.  The children had a great first lesson on Space creating their own solar systems that can now be viewed in class rooms.  We have learnt so much already and are really getting into our most recent topic Space, you just need to look at any of the Year 5 displays to see what the children already know about space. 

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Maths Blog - posted 9th Feb

I used a formal strategy for division. The bus stop methods. To use it you find the 2 digit number closet to the first two digits of the dividend First subtract them from the dividend, then put the divisor above the dividend. Nest find the closet number to the last 2 of the dividend. Subtract and put the divisor on top of the dividend. If you have a remainder write that after the answer on top of the dividend. We use our knowledge of multiples and subtraction for the bus stop method.divison

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