Seven Seas

Wow! It's hard to believe that we are already approaching the end of the first half term! In year 6, we are now fully embedded within our 'Seven Seas' topic and have discussed many areas associated with the world's waters. Within English, we have emerged ourselves within the book 'How I Became a Pirate' by Melinda Long and David Shannon and have even improved the text by creating our own unique endings to the pirate voyage! Geography has enabled us to sail back in time to 1912 when the Titanic set sail and discover more about the British city where this memorable ship was built. On our visit to Sea City Museum, we put our knowledge to the test and wowed the museum workers with the facts we had acquired! Over the last 7 weeks, we have also been studying electricity in science, using our inquiry skills to discover more about how series circuits work. Although water and electricity are not normally the best mix, on DT day we became expert engineers by designing an electrical boat that actually sailed on the water! (Only 1 of our boats sank but we soon nicknamed it the Titanic!) As well as voyaging across the 'Seven Seas', we have also learnt about democracy in PSHE, e-safety in computing, imagery in RE and developed our rugby and dancing skills in PE- it's no wonder we are ready for a week of rest! All in all, our year 6's have settled beautifully back into the school routine and have quickly developed a positive attitude that will allow them to accomplish many goals throughout the year. It's time for a well-earned rest and to recuperate ready for another busy term in the run up to Christmas

Autumn Term 2018 - posted 17th Sep

This term our year 6 topic is ‘the Seven Seas’. To launch us straight into learning, we took part in 3 topic days which focused on different aspects of life/ adventures at sea. Read below to discover the voyages we took part in during our first week back at Talavera!

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