Home Learning

Here you will find the home learning section for your child during a self-isolation period. 

Under each year group, there is an example timetable that will allow you to support your child's learning within the home. Weekly and daily updates for each year group will provide tasks and other possible activities. Most of the tasks will require parental support initially and then the children will be able to complete them independently. Any queries, please call the school office as the phones will be manned during the whole isolation period. Also email correspondence will also remain throughout this period. 

Please remember that if your child is struggling at any point they can call the home learning helpline where they can speak to a teacher directly. Between 9-12 every school day. 01252 322156.

Christiana from Year 5 did just that and here is what she produced after speaking with Mrs Webb!

CN 5CN 4CN 3CN 2CN 1