Aldershot Active Award

Key Principles of AAA

  • To encourage the use of the local environment
  • To make available activities which are free or low cost

The Scheme

Primary schools in Aldershot run the scheme.

Each child has a record card which is kept in school.

Families are  given a list of events which will count towards the scheme with a number of special events at each level. Please see the provider page for supporting activities.

Bronze award children have to complete 15 events 3 of which will be picked from a list of special tasks. The other 12 activities can be chosen by the family to suit their life style i.e a walk in the woods, a walk by the canal, a guided walk by the Woodland Trust, a visit to a swimming pool, take part in a sports club etc.

If a child completes an event they can provide evidence of this in any simple and easy way including a selfie, a ticket from an event etc. Please share your evidence with Mrs McDermid in the front office. She will stamp your book for each piece!

When a child has completed the amount of events for the award they will be given a badge to sew on to their school uniform. Completed booklets are stored in the front office.

So far lots of our wonderful children have achieved their Bronze award and are currently working towards their Silver badges and some even Gold!

Please get out and get active in our local area of Aldershot. Look out for the brass rubbings across Wellesley Woodland; this makes a great activity and earns stamps.