Core Values

Our core values underpin our daily school life:

Respect   Determination  Courage  Friendship  

Visitors to our school often remark about our ethos and our children's attitudes to their peers, staff and the community. We have a shared sense of pride in Talavera and want to celebrate our successes. Our pupils have a strong sense of their roles and responsibilities, both as learners and within our community. New children settle extremely well into our school and make progress quickly. What makes our school so special is the diversity and rich community that we serve with a range of cultural backgrounds and  military roots. Our children celebrate and respect our differences, seeking to know more about the wider communities and world.

Our pupils have high aspirations for their futures; they see learning as precious and value their education. They want to achieve. 

Together with parents, governors and friends of the school, we celebrate the children’s successes and ensure they leave school with a thirst for learning coupled with a moral compass and confidence.