Air pollution at Talavera

Today saw the start of a new job role within Talavera. Twelve children have been specially chosen to represent their class and help to improve the air quality in and around our school. Today the children met with Jean from the Hampshire Travel Planning Team who taught the new group all about:
  • What air is;
  • Why it is important;
  • What happens if it becomes dirty or polluted;
  • The worst sources of pollution in our towns;
  • What air pollution is made of;
  • How does air pollution affect our health;
  • How we can keep our air clean;
Jean then shared the exciting news that the school were going to be a part of an exciting air quality science project. Two test tubes have been positioned high up (to be out of reach) at the front and rear of the school to collect samples of pollution.
Jean will be back in February to do further work with us and to begin to help up set up our marketing team with initiatives for how to improve the air quality around our school. In the meantime the team are going to lead an assembly to share what they have learnt with the rest of the school.
Air Quality 1