Dad's Camp out event

On Friday, we hosted our first ever Dads Camp Out event, where we welcomed fathers and male relatives onto site to spend the night camping with their children in order to celebrate Father's Day. 

The evening started off lovely and sunny (much better than the weather on the previous week, our original date - thank you for your patience with us when re-arranging this) and families began to set up their tents. Some of the families had come with the equipment that you would expect and some seemed to be spending the night in blow-up castles! They were definitely prepared!
Once everyone had a place to sleep, there was a little bit of free time as the children enjoyed the sunshine. Dads played games all over the field, including a very competitive-looking game of kick rounders. 
Food was served and everyone gratefully chowed down. 
After supper, Ms McDermid entertained the crowds with some great, fun games and the children were able to laugh themselves silly at their dads doing ridiculous things - that's the point of Father's Day, isn't it?...
It was then time for some hot chocolate and a bedtime story before snuggling up to sleep. 
We hope you all had a wonderful time and thank you all for your incredible support of this event. We cannot wait to do it again next year.