Dads v. kids rugby!

Today, Talavera held our second annual Dads V. Kids rugby tournament. 

We began the day with a range of warm-ups and some skills practice for the children. They practised passing accurately (and in the right direction!) and communicating with their teammates to give themselves the best chance possible of being victorious over their dads. Before putting these skills to the test in some short matches with each other, the children played a game of rugby handball. This allowed them to practise quick and efficient passing - vital if they wanted to save face after losing to the dads last year. 
In the afternoon, lots of male relatives arrived on-site, where they were warmed-up and trained by their children, who applied everything they had learned in the morning. Of course, some of our children held back some tips - they really wanted to win! 
It was time for the big match - Dads V. Kids. The children had their game faces on and were determined to earn back the shield after losing to the dads last year. It was a mucky game and everyone was absolutely covered in mud by the end but the children managed to dominate, earning a 8-7 win! Congratulations, Kids!
After this, in a final chance to show-off, we held a Dads V Dads match. It was sudden death - first try wins! It was incredibly close but eventually one side was victorious.
A special thank you to Tim Smith and Duncan Southern-Naylor for stepping in to assist with coaching. We could not have run this event without your help. Thank you to everyone for your continued support for events of this type, which benefit your children greatly.