Democracy Assembly

Today we had an assembly in which we learned about the British Value of democracy. This strange, long word, which has actually been around for thousands of years, describes our right to be involved in the governing of our country. 

We modelled the opening of parliament, with our school council members taking the roles of peers in the House of Lords, Members of Parliament in the House of Commons, clerks, speakers and even the Queen!
We had a chance to examine some objects associated with this ceremony and our school council answered our pupils' questions. 
Most excitingly, School Council gave our pupils a new challenge: they can write their own bill which will go through our Talavera Junior democratic process to become law! The best bills, which take into account how it will be enforced, how it will be funded and how it will benefit our pupils, will be placed before School Council, our Senior Leadership Team and governors and the best bill will become enshrined in Talavera Law!
Your child will bring home a sheet to help them with this, or they may create their own bill.