DT Day at Talavera

On Friday the 15th of June each year group took part in a design and technology day. Every child learnt about a new D&T skill or mechanism and created a project based on their topics.

Year three revised their knowledge of healthy foods and created delicious fruit juices. All of the children loved their creations and were excited to try new flavor juices. 
Year four learnt about cam mechanisms and created a cam toy of the Endurance. They deliberated over the type of cams they would use to make the most dramatic crashing effect into the ice of Antarctica. 
Year five created vehicles. They had to create designs that were aerodynamic and decide which material they would use for their wheels to create the least amount of friction. They really enjoyed racing their vehicles at the end of the day!
Year six created shoe box scenes of a Lion King set. They used a lever mechanism to make different characters and objects within their scene move. They also used a range of art skills such as blending to create the right look in their shoe box scenes. 
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