Farnham Museum

Year 5 went on a trip to Farnham Museum to learn about life as a Victorian child. Our history topic has led us to discover what life would have been like in the Victorian Era but our trip to the museum, allowed us to be fully immersed. The museum staff led a Victorian school workshop which involved the children being able to experience what school would have been like as well as practicing the learning of a Victorian child, for example, using slates to record answers to difficult sums. We were also lucky enough to be given the chance to look at Victorian artefacts as well as modern reconstructions, practice using a dip pen and to tour the museum and learn about Farnham during the Victorian Era. The trip was a success and despite learning about school punishments, was enjoyed by all!Farnham9Farnham8Farnham7Farnham6Farnham5Farnham4Farnham3Farnham2Farnham1