Fijian Day 2018

On Wednesday, we celebrated the wonderful richness of our school's varied cultures through a Fijian celebration day, the first of many cultural events to be happening this year. 
We started the day with an assembly during which Mrs Webb re-told the legend of The Octopus and the Shark, an exciting story which involved mythical creatures, an underwater wrestling match and a moral of humility. Three students helped her in this re-telling, pretending to be the shark, the octopus... and the rock!
We then watched Laisa as she demonstrated a traditional dance, which she was brave enough to perform solo. All of our students were so proud of her. She was followed by a group of our Fijian mothers, who sang two beautiful songs to us acapella. Everyone was wowed by their lovely voices and they were joined for the national anthem by a number of our Fijian students. 
Luckily for all of our pupils, they were then treated to a tasting session in which they got to try all new kinds of foods. Our pupils were very brave and tried things even if they weren't sure if they'd like them. 
We cannot thank the Fijian community enough for the huge help that they gave us with this event. Our ability to run days like this rely heavily on the your good-hearted support, which we appreciate very much! 
We are looking forward to our next event now - our tag rugby tournament on Friday 19th October.
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