Friendship Week

This week we have been celebrating everything that we love about Friendship, in lots of different ways. Everything kicked off on Monday when we pulled names out of a hat in our class. This was our Secret Buddy and it was our mission to be a super friend to them all week, without them realising. This meant we had to be extra nice to everyone around us, so it wasn't too obvious. 
Each day we have had games running during our lunch time. These have helped us to make friends with people that we wouldn't normally meet and to talk to people in a supportive and kind way. We have done things like steer our blindfolded partner around an obstacle course, untangle a human knot, identify what we love about our friends, find out what we have in common with new people and play a version of musical chairs which saw, at one point, nine children sat on one chair. 
We also completed a PSHE lesson in which we read a story about the consequences of bullying. We worked hard to understand how both characters would be feeling, practising our sympathy and empathy skills.
This week ended with a celebration assembly in which all of these new friendship skills were applauded. 
What a lucky school we are, to have so many wonderful friends!