Gold Travel Award for Talavera!

On Wednesday 7th November Talavera celebrated our achievement of a gold travel award. Councillor Choudhary presented the award.
The school has worked hard over the last three years to encourage all children to travel actively to school, even if it is by using the Park and Stride at the High Street Multi-storey car park. We have seen an overall reduction in car travel by eight percentage points and a corresponding increase in walking, cycling and scootering.
We have embedded active travel into the culture and ethos of the school with initiatives such as the Living Streets Walk Once A Week Scheme (WOW), the golden mile, and the Aldershot Active Award and have made it second nature and we have embraced using public transport for school trips by taking pupils on the train.

Junior Road Safety Officers monitored parking on Gun Hill, delivered initiatives in school and carried out a school route audit to the park and stride site. Head Teacher liaised with Graingers, the developers building new houses nearby, to install double yellow lines along Gun Hill, which is a private road in a military housing estate. Mrs Webb also liaised with the Infant School to ask them to adopt the park & stride arrangement. Miss Bending and Hampshire County Council Travel plan adviser liaised with Rushmoor Borough Council to gain permission to use the multi-storey car park as a park and stride site, using a windscreen sticker so that parents can park for free.


All this goes to show that changing the way a whole school community travels to school daily requires a team effort and is a continuous process to ensure that new families who join the school understand what is expected of them.  

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