Great Britain Athlete visits Talavera

Today Luke Lennon-Ford came to our school and helped us perform a group of sport activities. Spotty dogs, leg driving, push ups and star jumps.  We did each of these activities within a minute during the morning. Later in the day we had an assembly with him and he taught us some of the drills he does every time he trains. He did high knees and fast running on the spot.  

All of the year groups asked some questions about him, sports and his life. He told us about getting involved and it took him at least fifty sports until he found his one, the 400m Sprint. He told us three things about why we should do sport!

1) You can become more social and make friends.

2) You travel lots around the country, or even the world.

3) Being active and having a healthy lifestyle.


Luke Lennon-Ford is a GB Athlete and is also planning on going to the next Olympics in 2020 Tokyo, Japan. We wish him the best of luck for this!

BGB Athlete 1