Green Team


Yesterday, the Green Team met with the Environmental Enforcement officers in Aldershot Town
centre. As well as doing a litter pick along Union Street and Short Street, the team learnt about the
impact littering has on our community and consequences for doing so.
We also discovered some interesting facts, such as:
- Littering is a crime and holds a £75 fine for all people aged 10 and above if they are seen to
drop litter on purpose
- Biodegradable food waste (i.e. apple cores) is regarded as litter and must be disposed of in a
- Within Rushmoor, Aldershot is the most littered town
- The four most littered items in Rushmoor are cigarette butts, receipts, fast food containers
and sweet/crisp packets
- The money from the fines issued goes back into environmental services such as removing
chewing gum from the streets, adding more bins and educating the public
The Green Team enjoyed making Aldershot a little less littered and are going to continue this great
work back at school!