Hampshire Fire Service

Today, year 6 were visited by the Hampshire Fire Service, as part of our continued efforts to make sure that our children's PSHE curriculum allows them to understand how to be safe. They looked at the causes of fires and how to react if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. This even included issues such as searching for pets in a fire, which was a problem that had been of concern to some children. 

Year 4 also had the opportunity to ask questions of the fire service as part of their personal safety learning. They asked: How do the police service work with other emergency services? Did you know that they share training and their skills with each other? This is because lots of emergencies need more than one emergency service; it's better if they can work together?
Year 4 also wanted to know how long it takes to get to a fire. Incredibly, they have to be at the fire in less than 8 minutes! This includes retained firefighters, who have another full-time job and, if they get a call, have to leave instantly! Wow!
Thank you, Hampshire Fire Service!