Healthy Living Week

Our whole school has taken part in a Healthy Living as part of our continued efforts to understand the importance of being healthy in every aspect of our lives. Our children at Talavera already understand the theory of what being healthy is and so, this year, we decided to apply it to some healthy cooking. 
We started by tasting different seasonal ingredients and discussing why eating locally-sourced food can be more environmentally-sustainable. We thought about which flavours we liked and which we didn't and then used this to plan our own soup. 
The children then practiced the important skills of cleaning, chopping and peeling vegetables to prepare them for cooking. We cooked the vegetables with support from an adult before blending it all together. We then tasted our soups and were delighted to realise how easy and tasty this meal was!
Thank you, as always, for the support that you give us which allows us to offer experiences like this for the children.