Hindleap by Debbie Waldron

Hindleap Warren

Monday 2nd-Wednesday 4th July were the best 3 days of my entire time in year 6. Approximately 40 of us from the year group went on a residential trip to Hindleap Warren. When the coach arrived at the centre, we got to our rooms and unpacked. We had to make our own beds which some of us found quiet hard- especially if they were on the top bunk. We took part in so many activities such as: climbing, team games and high ropes. However, my favourite activity was the Forest Adventure. It was so muddy- we had to walk through the forest and really deep water. When you got to the end, you had to jump in a pool of really deep mud which was waist height! A lot of people lost their boots and even socks! It was really funny because most of us got stuck but when the instructor tried to get us out we ell over (belly first). Some people even got a face full of wet mud! Another activity we really enjoyed was called ‘Leap of Faith’. You had to climb up steps attached to a tree and jump from a platform to catch on to a pole (luckily we were had ropes which saved us when we jumped). It was really high (about 8 metres) and you definitely didn’t want to look down! The best part was being lowered down from the bar by the instructor- Divale came down in a yoga pose which was particularly funny! Overall, Hindleap was an amazing trip and I would definitely recommend it for next year’s year 6s!

By Debbie Waldron

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