Hindleap Warren - Year 6 Residential

Hindleap Warren 2019

On Monday 1st July, 40 pupils from year 6 left Aldershot and headed to Hindleap Warren for a 2 night residential trip! The children were incredibly excited on arrival to the centre- that was until they realised they would have to make their own beds and unpack their own suitcases! After many battles with duvet covers and pillow cases, the children finally left their rooms and headed outdoors for their first adventurous activity!

Over the course of 3 days, the children took part in a range of exciting and challenging activities including: crate building, high ropes climbing, rock climbing, team games, shelter building and the infamous ‘Forest Adventure’! Whilst others of us loved splashing in the waist high water paths, others of us were not so keen to get our brand new waterproofs wet!

During the evenings, we also took part in a wonderful night time walk of the centre’s ground, completed a team quiz and enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate before keeping the adults up at bed time!

The children were an absolute delight to take on the trip and all children and staff left with memories that will last a lifetime! Many of us were sad to return back to Aldershot but were very happy to have a good night’s sleep in our own beds!

Thank you parents for allowing us to have this amazing experience!

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