House Spelling Bee Competition

On Friday 17th May a spelling bee took place in our hall. This house competition was an all year group event but only two people from each house from every year group were the representatives. Everyone in our school were able to participate and gain extra points for their house teams. House captains also helped out when this special event occurred.

How the spelling bee worked: two people from each house team sat on a table and the teacher gave a spelling word to the house team. Then they would have to spell the word out loud and if the team got it right, they get 4 points but if one of them gets it right then its 2 points. The other teams also spell the word but they only earn up 2 points. After we tally up all the points the winning team is the one with the most points. The results were:

1st - Salamanca

2nd - Agincourt

3rd - Waterloo

4th - Trafalga


Written by Tamara & Bobbiann from year 6