Kwik Cricket Festival


On Friday 25th June we competed in a Kwik Cricket Festival at
Aldershot Cricket Ground against other schools in the area.

We were split into 2 teams per school and at first we were quite nervous
However we won our first match and our confidence slowly improved .
Following on from our training slogan of  " Catches win Matches,"
some amazing catches were made by  the team and many of the opposing
teams were caught out.

We all showed great sportsmanship to each other and encourage everybody. Our batting was our best ever and our runs increased with every round! We enjoyed this event very much and we came 2nd and 5th in the league, this was a great achievement for all of us and we will cherish this moment forever.

The cricket coach from Aldershot was very impressed with us all and  because of this requested to recruit team members.

Danielle and Laila- Year 6 pupils

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