More able Scientist Environmental study results

Today the year 4 to year 6 more able students got together to discuss and evaluate the data from last year’s environmental study. 

First the year 4’s and 3’s looked at all the graphs created through the year, showing temperature and mammals seen. They discussed at length what patterns they could see within the data and came to a conclusion as a group.

Then the year 6 students looked at what they had discovered from the data and prepared a PowerPoint presentation to show the school. Later the more able group are going to meet all together to practice their delivery of the assembly for the school. 

We also discussed our very exciting project for this academic year. We are going to launch (in January) Eco Schools. The more able scientist are going to run the project and ensure we become more environmentally friendly and healthier as a school.  We are very excited to get started and we will be regular posts about our progress through the year.

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