Nepal Adventures by Mrs Harman-Box

Nepal Adventures
Friday 3rd August was the start of my month in Nepal, training teachers from lots of different schools in lots of different areas. 
When I started travelling, I was quite nervous. I had never been on a plane on my own before and this seemed like a very big journey to be the first time! The journey, though, was very easy. And long... I made it to my hostel after travelling for around 18 hours. 
Today we had training about how to make sure that we know how to teach the people that we will be working with over the next month. We practised team teaching - working with people that we hardly knew - about how teachers should present themselves in the classroom.
Lots of hard work to start with - but in the afternoon we went on a scavenger hunt around the Thamel district of Nepal. We had to buy: something to teach with; a typical tourist present; a mithai (which we found very difficult!); and a strange fruit or vegetable.
We also had to take photos. One of these was the largest puddle we could find! 
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