Multi-Cultural Day

Multi-cultural Day was a day for the appreciation and celebration of all the diverse cultures in our school's community. This was important because we believe every culture should be recognised and it gave people a chance to be educated about where their friends are from, as well as new countries. We gathered a team of passionate year 6s (this was a student-led event) and, with the help of the other year groups bringing in their unique artefacts, we made a large display showcasing everyone's cultures. Then, during an assembly, we explained the day, showed our own artefacts and invited pupils up to explain their own. Near the end, we invited our team top perform a traditional dance - this was one of our many highlights of the day. The pupils were allowed to wear traditional clothing from their culture and they were allowed to bring in their own food for lunch. Many thanks from the multi-cultural team Rubica, Clara, Katie, Priyareeca, Dristy, Georgette and Anisha.