Nepal Adventures 2 by Mrs Harman-Box

Over the last two days, we have been observing teachers in Nepali schools. We have been doing this so that we can work out what the teachers need training on. We decided that the main areas that needed support were the climate for learning (which is things like expecting every child to make progress and making sure all the children know that every learning minute counts), teaching for learning (this means doing lots of different tasks which test children's learning in different ways, like we try to do for you at Talavera) and assessment for learning (how the teachers make sure they know who needs a bit of extra help and who needs to be challenged).
All of the schools were so welcoming to us and the children shouted, "Taipainko naam me hi?" ("What is your name?") and I've been practising saying back, "Meero naam Mrs Harman-Box ho."
Then we needed to plan a four-day-long conference which will help the teachers to become better teachers and help the children to be better learners. One of the best things about this planning was the momos! I shared a big plate with my teaching partner - very greedy!
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