Nepal Adventures 3 by Mrs Harman-Box

We have just finished four days of teached training, helping teachers in Nepal to become as good as they can. I worked with another teacher called Mr Dyke. Together we did lots of planning, sometimes quite late into the evening, to make sure that the learning was as much fun as you all have. 

The last day of the conference was so much fun - just like the last day of term! We had a closing ceremony which was like a celebration assembly. We saw some beautiful and vibrant traditional dances. Lots of very important teachers and politicians made speeches about the progress that they hope will be made in the education system in Nepal.
The leaders of our group asked Mr Dyke and I to make a speech too so we spoke about how incredible our experience had been and how much faith we have in the teachers that we met. They care so much about the children that they teach and wanted to learn everything that we had to say.
I was very proud to be asked to do the speech but very scared at the same time. Luckily the group I had taught were very supportive and made me feel much braver!
We have a few days off now. We are going to visit Bhaktapur Temple and then travel to beautiful Pokhara.
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