Nepal Adventures 4 by Mrs Harman-Box

After our conference where we trained teachers, we needed a little holiday so we all travelled the eight hours to Pokhara, which is a small town near the Himalayas where lots of people go to trek through the mountains.

Although we were there for a holiday, we did not take it easy! On the first full day, we set our alarms for 5am and travelled up a tall hill called Sarangkot. From there we watched the sun rise over Anna Purna 1 and 2, both huge mountains. We were very lucky that the weather was very clear and we could see for miles and miles. It made us all feel strangely small to be looking up at such huge mountains but also very lucky 
From there, we went straight up to another hill to paraglide over Lake Fewa. I was nervous before we went (it seemed too strange to imagine just running off the edge of a mountain!) but the take-off was surprisingly peaceful. We walked slightly forwards, attached by small wires to a giant parachute and - before I knew it - the wind had picked us up and we were soaring down. It was incredible to see Pokhara from so far above. I felt like a bird, flying over the tops of trees and then swooping down over the lake. My instructor did do some acrobatics in the air but he had to stop quite quickly when I told him I felt a bit sick!
After we went paragliding, we took a quiet boat trip across Lake Fewa to a small island in the middle which holds a temple and a small market. It was a much calmer journey than the paragliding and was beautifully timed so that, as we sailed back in, the sun was slowly setting.
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