Nepal Adventures 6 by Mrs Harman-Box

After our day of sightseeing, it was time to go back into the schools and observe the teachers that we had been training. It was amazing to see the huge progress that the teachers had made and how that was letting the children do so much more learning. 

Really, though, the most exciting part of the three days is when we got up incredibly early and drove out to the airport. We waited there nervously for about an hour while our flight was delayed, and then delayed again, and then the airport was hit by a power cut. 
Finally, we got a message through to say our flight was on. Where were we going? To fly around Mount Everest! Called Sagarmartha by Nepali people and  Chomolungma the Tibetans, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the whole world. We were beyond excited to have the chance to see it close-up. 
We flew in the smallest plane that I've ever been in up into the clouds. We were very lucky that, as we flew, the skies cleared. The Himalayas stood in front of us. 
Think about when you've traveled in an aeroplane. When you're up in the air, doesn't everything look small? Cars completely disappear, buildings disappear, people disappear. Standing in the cockpit of this tiny plane, Mount Everest just seemed to get bigger and bigger. It was completely indescribable. 
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