Nepal Adventures 8 by Mrs Harman-Box

Having come back from Chitwan, we only had a few days left of our incredible adventure in Nepal. None of us felt ready to leave yet and longed for something traditionally Nepali to enjoy. 

Luckily, the next day was the festival of Gai Jatra, celebrated by the Newari people. It is a carnival-like festival which celebrates the lives of people who have died during the last year. Unfortunately, none of these pictures can fully express the cacophonous noise which fills the streets, or show the vast number of people who were trying to squeeze down the narrow streets of Kathmandu. 
Gai Jatra is said to have begun when King Pratap Malla and his queen lost their son. The queen remained grief-stricken for so long that the King called on the Newari people to take to the streets if they had also lost someone that they loved. The streets were filled with noise, dancing and laughter and the queen was able to see that many people had suffered bereavement and that their lives continued. 
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