Nepali Club

Nepali club welcomes each and every one who is willing to learn and develop their knowledge in learning Nepali language and culture. This club is run by Mrs Ranapaili every Tuesday at lunch time in the purple room from 12.15 to 1.15 pm.

What is delivered in Nepali club?

Club members are taught to read, write in Nepali whilst having fun and enjoying themselves. They can enjoy listening to Nepali traditional stories, plays, poems and songs in both English and Nepali languages.  This club gives children the opportunity to compare Nepali stories with English stories which enable them to broaden their comprehension skills in both languages.

Most of all they do Nepali dancing which showcases different cultural aspects and is massive part of what the children in club enjoy.

Does club cost money?

No, it is totally free of cost! However children’s regular attendance is imperative.