Nepali Day

Today, for the first time, we held our annual Nepali Day as a fundraiser. As you may remember, Mrs Harman-Box and Miss Partington visited Nepal in the summer. Mrs Harman-Box was leading a group of teachers, including Miss Partington, in how to train other teachers to ensure that every child in the world has fair access to an excellent education. They are struck by how lucky we are, even when we find things a bit harder, and wanted to give something back. 

We started off the day with an assembly for which members of Nepali Club had been preparing for weeks! Mrs Harman-Box explained the reason for our fundraiser to our Infant School and then we saw a whole range of songs and dances! A huge well done to everyone who took part. 
After school, we had a huge food sale and a henna stall. It was a resounding success and I think we can safely say that we had a lot of satisfied customers. As ever, thank you all for your support for our event like this because we could not hold them without. 
A MASSIVE thank you to every single parent who contributed food or time (or both!) to give us such delicious items to sell. You have been so generous and allowed us to make a real difference in the lives of children in Nepal. 
An additional thank you to Mrs Ranapauli, without whom we would never have pulled off this event. We are so lucky to have her and please give her a thank you or a well done if you see her.