Q&A from the Atlantic Rowers

Talking to the rowers while they were making their way across the Atlantic was a pleasure and it was amazing. We got to ask them so many questions and they answered with so much detail. Before we started, we all felt quite nervous but when we started we relaxed. We found out lots of things. Read on to find out what!

Why did you want to complete this expectation?

We wanted to push ourselves and it really was a fantastic opportunity

How long has it been since you’ve seen land of people?

They have seen people on boats but otherwise two months and 2 days (Toby Green Turtles)

Is there a backup boat or people following you to keep you safe?

No not really, but Jordan is helping me! (Melody Giant Panda)

How did you know you had enough food and water?

They checked the amount of food they had every two days (Noamy Snow Leopard)

What would happen if there was a big wave?

Well we have come across some rather big ones and one of the biggest was 6 metres tall. (George Sea Lions)

Have you enjoyed it so far?

No because it’s tough and the weathers bad (Fynn Bengal Tiger)

How does it feel to stay away from your family?

It’s hard but we were in the army so we are used to it. (Harry Porpoise)

Have you seen any sea creatures?

Whales and dolphins (Abhay Blue Whales)

What has been harder than you expected?

Being away from his family and missing Christmas and New Year. (Maryam Sea Lions)

What was the most fun part of the journey?

The most fun part was sleeping on the journey (Pristina – Blue Whale)

What fears did you have before starting?

They were afraid of the unknown and they were afraid of rowing in the night. (Shreema Green Turtle)

How do you make sure that you don’t go the wrong way?

Um well we use a GPS system to know where we are going (Kaysa Porpoise)

How many layers do you have to wear?

They don’t wear anything at all! (Keziah Emperor Penguin)

Have you had frostbite?

They said no because it’s very hot. But hypothermia if we fell in. (Ashya Bengal Tiger)

Do you have any plans for another trip?

I have to stay a month so my wife can see me, until I make plans for another trip (Jamie Giant Panda)

What has been the toughest weather conditions so far?

A really really hot day (Harrison Mountain Gorilla)

How long have you been rowing for?

2 months and 2 days (Maxim Manatee)

Have you seen any pirates? Were you scared of them before you went?

Err… no I don’t think so. They wouldn’t be interested in us. (Aashis Manatees)

How does it feel to be in the middle of the ocean while you talk to us?

It is a pleasure and it’s amazing really. (Avenai Snow Leapard)

Where do you go to the toilet?

In a bucket and then throw it overboard (Wade Emperor Penguin)

Where and how do you sleep.

They’ve got a sleeping compartment. (Rhys Indian Elepahnt)

Do you take turns rowing?

Yes, we have two hours per person, then swap. (Freya Black Rhino)

How do you entertain yourself?

They listened to Ed Sheran’s album many many times. (Paige Indian Elephants)

QA From the atlantic 3