Runways end Year 4 trip


At last we got to go on a trip and what an exciting day we all had.  Over two days, year 4 went to Runways End Activity Center where we experienced 3 of 4 possible activities.  
The first of these was canoeing on the Basingstoke Canal.  After a short briefing on how to control our canoe and collecting our important life jackets we set off into the water.  It took us all a while to work out how to steer and many of us ended up in the bank - more than once! Eventually we had mastered it enough to take a short trip up the canal. After we played a game of collecting creatures and balls to score points. It was great fun and helped to cool us off. 
Another activity was the create stack.  This activity caused the most fear in the children but then ended up being the most popular of all the activities. This was a teamwork activity - two children in the team were in harnesses and were pulled up higher by two other children - when needed - to create the largest stack of crates.  I believe the record for the year group was 10 crates high!
Archery was another very popular activity where we were taught how to hold the bow, place the arrow correctly and how to pull the bow back and shoot.  The children were put into groups of 3 and then competed against each other to see who could get the highest score.  There were some amazingly talented Robin Hoods among us!
The last activity was the team building games.  These were different for each group but all needed everyone to work together for a common goal.  One of which consisted of all the children having a piece of drain pipe and they had to work together to get a ball from one side of the field to the other without touching it or dropping it.  It took a few attempts but with teamwork the ball eventually arrived at its needed destination!
Overall it was a fantastic couple of days - even if it was a little hot! 
The Year 4 team.