The Sports Report

Cricket coaching:

At Talavera, we are lucky enough to receive outside coaching from our local cricket club. Each year is provided with a selection of specialist cricket sessions preparing us for the cricket festival in June. Throughout the year, the children get four weeks of training in the game, the skills and the confidence with a qualified and experienced coach in the sport. It is a fun, enjoyable and educational experience that all the children benefit from. From these sessions, we are able to select the children who will benefit most from attending the cricket festival in June.

Football match:

On Thursday 24th May 2018, Talavera took part in their final league match of the season. A match to help decide the final standings before the next stages of the league. Despite the abysmal weather, the Talavera boys were eager to begin and challenge their rivals. The game initially started slow with neither team scoring. Yet Talavera suddenly released a spurt of energy which saw us take our first goal. This was quickly followed by another then another. This theme carried on throughout the whole match resulting in Talavera securing a 12-1 win over their opponents. Goals scored by Savion, Dylan and Ewan secured Talavera a final and potentially vital win. They played with the utmost respect and showed the Talavera values as always. Proud members of the school. Well done boys!

Netball match:

On Thursday 24th May 2018, Talavera took part in their final league match of the season. Playing in appalling weather, the girls stood their ground to play this last game. The first half flew by with neither team being able to secure a goal. Our girls kept cheery and focused seeing them score two girls in the third quarter (well done Tamara!) However, Park Primary took this opportunity to add spark into their game and fight back. The match ending in a 3-2 loss for Talavera. The girls preserved and enjoyed every minute of the game showing great grace and all the values. An excellent game!

Cross Country:

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, a selection of children from years 3 to 6 were selected to take part in a cross country event at Alderwood Secondary school. The children were to take part in a run though a course set by the staff at the secondary school. Once they established the course, they had to run against each other in true competition style. Following the race, Talavera received medals for every student in each category. The effort and enjoyment shown by every student was remarkable especially in the blazing heat they had to endure. Not only did they show their core Talavera values, they were inspirational to all the adults and parents who attended the event. Well done to all who took part.

Cricket Team