Superhero Day!

On Wednesday 7th March it was Superhero Day at Talavera - What a day it was! We began the day dressed in our costumes at our Park and Stride site at the multi-storey carpark in AldershotPark and stride 1
Once assembled we walked altogether along Anzio Close and up Gun Hill to school
park and stride 2park and stride 3
Our aim is to promote sustainable modes of transport to school or use of the Park and Stride site.
Strider was at the school gate to meet us and hi-five each person in our procession.
park and stride 4park and stride 5park and stride 6park and stride 7park and stride 8park and stride 9park and stride 10park and stride 11
We then had a fantastic theatre production from Spiderman - who was just brilliant!
park and stride 12park and stride 13
Spiderman then asked for a volunteer - Jack Thompson (or should we call him Captain Underpants) was a fabulous choice
park and stride 14
Then a second volunteer was asked for and Brooke Mehers was also superb (What dramatic ability!)
park and stride 15park and stride 16
Meet our Air Quality specialists who are part of a fabulous project aiming to improve the air quality around the school.
park and stride 17park and stride 18