Talavera Play leaders

Last month, a whopping 30 of our year 5 students were chosen from a record amount of applicants to take on the role of lunchtime play leaders.  The role of these children is to take charge of games and create a fun and inclusive lunchtime for all who attend our school.

This is a very exciting role for our children, made more so this year by the team having two half day sessions of structured training with Coach Dan from Premier and Mrs West.  Within this time they were challenged to make up their own games and present them to the rest of the group, encouraged to be confident and self-assured when delivering their games and of course to stay enthusiastic and  learn how to pass their enthusiasm onto the children participating in the games they were leading. 

All of the newly appointed play leaders had a great time and we look forward to seeing them putting their new found skills to work on the playground.